The CRISTALUNA-Jewelry Stall at the 2009 International Munich Trade Fair INHORGENTA of EUROPE was crowned with unprecedented success!

Style and design dominated the large Stand where prospective clients were stopping for a cup of coffee and a chat with the top executives and employees of the top Designer’s Company, Cristaluna.

The unique designs that were made exclusively for the INHORGENTA Trade Fair caught the eyes of even the most discerning guests.

The new CRISTALUNA Collection, in combination with the exquisite crystal artwork produced by CRYSTELA, were at the epicenter of the Exhibition.

Throw in a luxury BMW Convertible car with the kind contribution of MK-MOTORSPORT adorned with Swarovski stones and a crystal painting

of Barack Obama by Crystela, and you have a spectacular sight, second to none.

The sparkling Swarovski Crystals on acrylic crystal jewelry, figurines and accessories blended in with the dominant automobile and the works of art on display.

One thing is certain; a Cristaluna Trade Stall is never lacking in uniqueness and overwhelming creativity.

From the clear Plexiglas furniture, to the positioning of each adorning feature, every detail was meticulously positioned in the dedicated space.


Cristaluna Jewelry

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