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2. September 2016


Cristaluna Collection

Exquisite Fine Pieces

CRISTALUNA® creates exclusive, unique jewellery in transparent or coloured acrylic crystal, embellished with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.
The brilliance of the crystal, transparency and solidity of the completely anallergic material used are the strong points of CRISTALUNA products. These are enriched by carefully studied, sometimes sought-after and sometimes inventive but always innovative shapes.
The CRISTALUNA collection, designed and created by Italian designers and skilled master craftsmen, includes rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, watches and other accessories, all characterized by the brightness of SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS and often accompanied by gold, silver and stainless steel components, semi-precious stones or leather.
The perfect accessory for the elegant woman, CRISTALUNA® is the evolution of jewellery as we know it.The patented raw materials are transformed into the acrylic crystal and SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS that are then handmade to create the final product.
A host of European designers and experienced craftsmen are employed to produce the exquisite fine pieces of stylish art.


All CRISTALUNA® products come in their own trendy packaging with the CRISTALUNA® Registered Trademark logo and with their own original Certificate of Authenticity.
This ensures that the consumer is purchasing a product with authentic SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS in genuine CRISTALUNA® Jewelry.

The Factory

•Case making
•Setting of Swarovski Stones